Asset InfraFund

ID 11700625361170592721
Name InfraFund
Description THE GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND! THIS ASSET IS FOR SERIOUS INVESTORS ONLY! HI, We are a small group of developers that have been working on some pretty serious applications and some real world smart contract uses for our testnet of the burst blockchain. Rather than fork the chain and create compeditors we are reaching out to the poc community and putting on the table the opertunity to take poc to the next level.. we need several more dev teams located in geotactical positions, for that we will need offices, more full nodes and a supernode controlled by each dev team,, estimated at around 600k for 6 supernodes alone it will take 50-100k for a marketing department and deploy advertising over the globe, the invest fund is for 1 million usd which as a result of todays price around 50000000 burstcoins, a small contribution from everybody in the community can create a ecosystem for the future that us as founders should get to enjoy,
Block 501534
Issuer account CDQV-WN87-YB2L-FTEPP
Quantity 50000000
Block Sender Recipient Quantity Timestamp