Asset PNW

ID 12000681704760036448
Name PNW
Description Since burstcoin is the greeenest cryptocoin outthere seems logic, to make this startup here. Im in search of funding and collaboration. The plan is to invest all the money on small solar cells for poor communitys, giving them the 40% of the energy generated.Other 30 % will be use foor multicurrency mining, ltc, btc, eth and burst. Where all this money will be given to the asset holders. By promoting clean energy we will not only change people life but also winnign while doing so. The other 30% will be invested in reforestation, the wolrd is in need lets help it. As for burstcoin, this iniciative will put the coin on everyones mouths giving the burstcoin a push for sure, its an win win. Please contact me for any collaboration, tips or inquiries. Other proyect in mind is plastic recicling and teaching land optimatization to farmers around the world.#PlantingaNewWolrd
Block 418925
Issuer account LV6B-5H26-449N-2FCYJ
Jade Corp
Quantity 1000000
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