Asset BurtGaming

ID 13574519798231853023
Name BurtGaming
Description This asset will collect fees from every single game created by me or any shareholder that want to invest in the company value and keep a fee in their asset for this asset too (After all this asset will belong to the shareholders not only me)... And will collect from Lotteries JACKPOT's too! So now you can bet in the game and then you could have like a rakeback on your (or other people) losses by buying shares of this asset. Share Holders will receive 75% of what is in the wallet in the beginning of each month, I will keep a fee of 5% for the work and 20% will be Kept for future games and projects that help the BURST price to get higher!
Block 453861
Issuer account 4QPC-JJU9-XZVT-CLK2W
Quantity 21000000
Block Sender Recipient Quantity Timestamp