Asset mystery4

ID 6152155699021307328
Name mystery4
Description This is the Beta of the upcoming HDDMatch Asset on 11.11.17 - payouts will always be matched to always be at least 20% higher than any other HDD mining Asset on the Asset exchange - All previous Assets (mystery, mystery2, mystery3 and mystery4) will be swappable on a 1:1 ratio to the final HDDMatch Asset. - There are 3 major income streams for this Asset - 1st stream: at least 300tb of SSD and 1000tb of HDD storage mining Burst - 2nd stream: large accumulation of shares of all the other HDD mining Assets, brining stable prices to all of them - 3rd stream: revenue from lending various cryptos on poloniex and bitfinex. Payout every monday.
Block 407455
Issuer account V7VH-XRZR-YJZ7-EZQJ8
HDDMatch by Ansiburst
Quantity 1000000