Automated transaction PowerEdgeR710

ID 10329537243706088875
Name PowerEdgeR710
Description Nerds unite! I have a server room with a few spare PowerEdge R710 servers laying around. Help me raise enough funds to turn my server room into a burst mining farm and lets see what these bad boys can do.Crowdfund
Block 503223
Creation block 503223
Issuer account C36H-3GZG-TXL3-4MCSX
Nick's Rig
Ap code 1f8b080000000000000033656066000255462061cac0c204a414410448d4df94919905481bb380295355465620250d22bc4cd998d94062ec6029232e664676200dd20902c64c2c2059291520019660844a1871331b31b39832e132f713cc40b03aa91a065a03000acfa2a300010000