Automated transaction ChangeYourFinancialLife

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Name ChangeYourFinancialLife
Description This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity. I am launching a new company based off the amazing results of my current company has. I want to get involved with this community so I am offering this amazing opportunity to you! So what is my current company and what is the opportunity I am offering? Well my current company is a network of websites that I own and operate. This makes 6 to 7 figures a year from revenue the websites generate. I have a small team that helps with all the design aspects and content but what I am missing is additional SEO people to work with. This is where you come in! The new company offers membership where I will be training people to become expert at SEO. Typically it would cost $3500 to join this new program and given webbsites for free where all websites you work on is then on a 50-50 joint venture relationship with me and my team. However with this offer I am cutting out all the cost to join to the top 5 highest donators! Good Luck!Crowdfund
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