Automated transaction NASdevelopmentFund

ID 14105780610630812451
Name NASdevelopmentFund
Description The purpose of this Project is to provide funding and help us develop a plotter able to plot directly at a NAS HDD (Network Attached Storage). Lot of ppl is loosing time to create the plots on an external pc an then transfer them through the net to the NAS. It will be perfect to be able to plot directly throug the network at the NAS it self.Crowdfund
Block 496199
Creation block 496199
Issuer account KKVA-5QDM-7C4X-25HGF
Ap code 1f8b080000000000000033656066000255462061cac0c204a414410448d4df94919905481bb380295355465620250d22bc4cd998d94062ec6029232e664676200dd20902c64c2c2059291520019660844a1871331b31b39832e132f713cc40b03aa91a065a03000acfa2a300010000