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Name RepairThisPoorMansPC
Description I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for the past few years, after a close friend commited suicide, and was medically signed off work last september. Since then I have started to get really into crypto, and PC gaming with friends is one of the few social things I can still manage regularly. My problem, is that my PSU decided to secretley fail (I think) as I have two melted pins on my mobo, both my water pumps failed, and the three 980ti's I used to have all died last month, just as they went out of warranty. I used to be able to afford nice things, but having been out of work since september, after taking some time off (I am a contractor) I am not living hand to mouth on benefits each month. I would like it if you could help me get at least a new gpu and psu, but maybe a new motherboard as well, so I can play games with my friends in this difficult time while I try to get better through volunteering, therapy and medication. Thanks everyone, Love you all.Crowdfund
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