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Name HowManyNoncesAmIThinking
Description The First Week Of Every Month, Come Play "How Many Nonces Am I Thinking!" A New Community InitiativeTo Help Connect and Grow This Wonderful Community! Starting Next Month, We Will Be Launching a Website With All The Results, Future Information, Community News, and More! The Goal is To Help Grow This Wonderful Community, and to Help Connect Everyone! 10% of All Funds Will Go Towards Community Growth 70% To Winner 5% to Next 4 Closest Each Month We Will Feature 5 Winners, and These People Have the Option to Also Be Featured On the Website! Lookout for the Website, and Good Luck To All in Guessing How Many Nonces Am I Thinking?!?! TO ENTER SEND 100 BURST, AND YOUR GUESS! WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT END OF WEEK!Crowdfund
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