Goods TurboPlotter Consultation one hour

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Name TurboPlotter Consultation one hour
Description Consult live with the developer of TurboPlotter for about one hour via Discord, Skype or other. Describe the Burst mining set up you are planning or have already built and get advice and tips! Ask how to best utilize your particular hardware for plotting your drives as fast as possible. Ask for hardware recommendation based on a capacity you are targeting. Ask for tips on swizzling your plots from PoC1 to PoC2. Find out the secret details of my own Burst mining rig. Discuss ideas you have for TurboPlotter that would make your plotting easier and if they're possible. Voice or text chat - whatever you prefer. English language only. While I've got a lot of experience with Burst plotting by now, I don't know everything about all the different hardware out there but I will do my best to share the knowledge I do have and try and point you in the right direction for anything I don't know. Please include your an email address so I can contact you to arrange a time with you.
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