Goods Exoplanets Online - Time Crystals

ID 2443089954438236003
Name Exoplanets Online - Time Crystals
Description Exoplanets Online is an android Space MMO were you take command and colonize star systems, build and manage fleets of star ships, and conquer hundreds of PVP star systems. The proceeds from these sales will go into funding the creation of a game API that will allow native BURST transactions within games, allowing BURST to become more widespread. As one of the Software Engineers of Exoplanets Online, I am willing to sell Time Crystals to BURST users for half the normal cost. Please include the name of your corporation in-game that you would like the Time Crystals added to in your message before you complete the purchase! If you have any questions, feel free to message me!
Block 557255
Issuer account XKLH-9EE4-ZLAD-82YHN
Quantity 999999999
Active yes
Price 0 Burst
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