Goods Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - PC (Product Key Code)

ID 3004798512923732672
Name Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - PC (Product Key Code)
Description Received codes when I revamped my Burst miners and purchased multiple i7-9700K's. I don't play COD so I'm selling them for Burst. A lot of scams here on the marketplace so please feel free to look up this account on the blockchain and see I'm a real miner. You may also find me on Discord under the username EastCoastServers. On Reddit I am CyberSkulls, or on ebay you can view my feedback under the same EastCoastServers name. If you pay and I don't respond right away, hit me up on Discord and yell at me, I'll get you taken care of.
Block 561714
Issuer account 9LZZ-VVSW-U7FT-55KL5
East Coast Servers
Quantity 2
Active yes
Price 0 Burst
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