Goods Airbnb $75 Gift Card Certificate (New)

ID 8462002564663640726
Name Airbnb $75 Gift Card Certificate (New)
Description This is a brand new Airbnb eGift Card worth $75. I was given this as a gift and do not use Airbnb so I am selling it discounted to you! If you would also like it emailed please include a message with your email address and I will send it to you through email. No physical card will be shipped this is an eGift Card. You will be sent the Gift Card Number and PIN Required to Redeem it. On purchase you simply go to and apply it to your account. I will consider reasonable offers also, send me a message with your offer.
Block 567432
Issuer account NYRG-UUA6-T537-BJ6AB
Burst Merchant
Quantity 1
Active yes
Price 0 Burst
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