Goods Monthly Burst Lotto .45/ticket

ID 9557425261331875451
Name Monthly Burst Lotto .45/ticket
Description i will be holding a lotto that will conclude at the end of each month. this lotto will be random draw. The more tickets you buy the higher the chance you have. A maximum of 1000 (45 burst + TX) tickets is allowed per Burst account the scoring is as follows... 50% 1st place 25% 2nd place 12% 3rd place 6% 4th place 4% pool fee all the places will be drawn even if 4 different wallets don't play. please also pm me about ways to make this process more transparent.
Block 592669
Issuer account HA7R-59R6-HTDN-26LZV
Quantity 999999996
Active yes
Price 0 Burst
Block Seller Buyer Quantity Price
592172 HA7R-59R6-HTDN-26LZV
2 0.45 Burst