Transaction #11264310177310820265

Sender CPZW-A7Y5-SFG2-G3Y2X
Recipient /
Amount 0 Burst
Fee 1,000 Burst
Block 13240664283587993150
Type Asset Issuance
decimals 0
description BurstETHER is a gateway asset between Ethereum and Burst. This asset represents Ethereum on the Burst blockchain. BurstETHER is pegged to Ethereum's price, and it can also be redeemed for Ethereum by contacting the issuer or later by an automatic gateway. This asset doesn't pay dividends, because it's a commodity.
name BurstETHER
quantityQNT 77516000
version.AssetIssuance 1
Confirmations 245390
Timestamp Sat Mar 5 04:37:17 2016
Signature d97cea671bbe46fa6c1f52932e3dafe9eb6a09acf0affd269f6514f586d2d4076318bf73342e85b6e952b4f3c59b1eb5a15ad64bcf922ad20d6103db5aaf4084
Signature Hash 3f132dfee8e13423019a627fab88adc0625ae451a51ae02cf22c361c127caa95
Full Hash a9c76de66cde529cea0200621fb1e2bcfa202081e9a77a2b236763402d1d6f14