Transaction #11269823358919764726

Sender XXAW-2Z9B-F42J-9WMBJ
Recipient /
Amount 0 Burst
Fee 1,000 Burst
Block 2849796324292747190
Type Asset Issuance
decimals 0
description LTCGear Passthrough, 1 share equals 1 qASIC equals 100 khs scrypt mining Weekly payout every saturday unless ltcgear is delayed Share multiplications will be added to totals thus increasing khs over time and i will not issue any more shares after next multiplication, scheduled on xmas 2014!
name SyGear
quantityQNT 1000
version.AssetIssuance 1
Confirmations 416498
Timestamp Wed Nov 12 14:16:59 2014
Signature eca74dd30b305296dd85a99f904cb931b8963672b3105357bdf3a70f1773910c34ab98e69efe5bea417d5c11e23c223af0c75436fe4825d0948677c633b70757
Signature Hash e086b459c5cec27cac31a7efb3c8c8ee39d7d1c374e577ac7f71d588774c04dd
Full Hash f6eacf85a274669c8c834a43da793deefc7c4e8d1c23508005448828f3400924