Transaction #12243289084417617509

Sender L937-BDB6-7YRU-7RMEV
Recipient /
Amount 0 Burst
Fee 1,000 Burst
Block 4479421643836503704
Type Asset Issuance
decimals 0
description This is the 5th round asset for the TAILS Coin Toss. The winners will get their bet back and 75% of the loser's bet. Loser's lose all. Please understand that you are gambling!
name TAILS5
quantityQNT 100000
version.AssetIssuance 1
Confirmations 193418
Timestamp Thu Jul 28 18:06:26 2016
Signature 8d5ef6ea8015dec6b4998c6a18c06cfbe3a20a8ef8c3b42b02d48cb2bcde530ff4c8700e9f9b5f9a770cf3c766734084caf79dec1082ec17cdc6de73966c5139
Signature Hash abd61e9f16301c6fc00f2cfbd2253e8ec963b8e0dd59c854fe5c564cd9852a3b
Full Hash 652e21f78de6e8a9d87d7524f8be61b827d2af112649231fab5dfc2163bf9e5c