Transaction #12446647526544050890

BRS Notification System
Recipient N5P2-3ETU-7LXK-DTU3X
Amount 0 Burst
Fee 0.03 Burst
Block 2444880997878942905
Type Arbitrary Message
Timestamp Mon Sep 14 07:03:02 2020
Signature 0954d69ebdbe43cd319fa7c161de9b469adc96da7ab8ffc9fa1121bae787c9092fcb3f04bd0e5b78f174fc4e5037433718e34d49d31a4b530cdcdb9b91b32765
Signature Hash c6c254e1b4faaeca9ae8d0bab5427d6eb6e2b123561d723cc4cc0dbd804f7663
Full Hash ca0a27f0fa5fbbac9ce873ef472046c643af3d1ad73f0b96b01a81a8f64c576f
Message ï€This is a community call to all node operators with outdated BRS software. Please strengthen the current BURST network and update to the newest version You find the link here: The community will honor your update! This call is supported by BAT (Burst Apps Team) and funded by BMF(Burst Marketing Fund) We are looking forward to seeing you as an active burst supporter for the current development team! Greetings BAT - BMF Team