Transaction #18378008116750977931

BMF ( BURST Marketing Funds )
Recipient JCWP-R58Y-YGF9-D676E
Burst Bounty Program
Amount 18,000 Burst
Fee 0.01 Burst
Block 12095114092591209462
Type Ordinary Payment
Timestamp Thu Dec 6 19:57:37 2018
Signature 1a7a424ec97286c410cbb8030a333047bf7584cf5661ba8961399f04cc94500c5057a1c48ecc9fefc5479f54802b1088a2fe5c2543266779b2625f58ab9f280e
Signature Hash 1404dae7264e59d0cce184e504fb4bc0e39d7ad9a9bb739aa1be44d2c4b4b243
Full Hash 8b0b30e602cd0bff6f056b9d7a30a7ab67264b65ddc971364dcb3ad593d07d85
Message ì€BMF is glad to support the bounty program. From the point of view of the BMF, the Bounty Program is a perfect opportunity to support the work of the developers and at the same time get new blood for the BURST DNA. Your BMF team