Transaction #2125326879958501821

Recipient 8HUR-49DS-LBHG-FR3ZZ
(empty name)
Amount 0 Burst
Fee 1 Burst
Block 4851219059039152091
Type Arbitrary Message
Timestamp Mon Feb 9 21:38:45 2015
Signature 8247d63ae8b977c302ca9d8621995fd7e17fb9c6bd8e563782359bf7c054090b768789a9218b44e2238c8a88a251593b6c918a29e7f0a9ad597819ac2a159568
Signature Hash b5ad8fc697d4f2b55549527650e4c93f6108c7d7708e99424497d845ff663405
Full Hash bd09846f89ad7e1dc60308175d1c5178792a5c59958288731bf4117c697b0ce7
Message ̀Hi, I saw that you are solo mining, ... Have you considered to use a pool instead? shows we paid 2,381.92 Burst to each miner Please give our pool a try: