Transaction #6192142900342094649

BRS Notification System
Recipient N5P2-3ETU-7LXK-DTU3X
Amount 0 Burst
Fee 0.01 Burst
Block 6022365727487076726
Type Arbitrary Message
Timestamp Wed Sep 16 09:21:02 2020
Signature cd8680393af0e7b27612d8d134692f5c05b522b6c2458f87efb52563177f300273791a3a202231b750fb25420adbb46df1f0b8266a99b50c0b5764f13d05d2f2
Signature Hash 2cc69a28822cc239c2c4a86f4d6f81903f98590d0aba4612e3b8b3e0a213b03a
Full Hash 39fb581529e9ee5577b0943ba912621b3c3798d5b6b3debff70bf6bd6cfe7114
Message ï€This is a community call to all node operators with outdated BRS software. Please strengthen the current BURST network and update to the newest version You find the link here: The community will honor your update! This call is supported by BAT (Burst Apps Team) and funded by BMF(Burst Marketing Fund) We are looking forward to seeing you as an active burst supporter for the current development team! Greetings BAT - BMF Team