Transaction #9975327672877692370

Sender RRY4-KU9U-QMV6-2NXD5
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KEEP YOUR BURST - They have nothing to offer but threats - I AM WAITING FOR YOU!
Amount 0 Burst
Fee 0.1 Burst
Block 2673430191451008880
Type Arbitrary Message
Timestamp Mon Jul 2 07:13:07 2018
Signature 53630e8000e90fd7721a63235e80c85214fea16cea4e46372945899c7e25a5057e4629a866f9c3114b17d3994a0a18f38c4a421e2734d646a07f86c86440310b
Signature Hash d9220e68315c24c6e9aa939c5aef37258d0f5161bb22081c510fb3370affab4d
Full Hash d2b5ffbbaa7b6f8a21cdc28fbaaaba98a226b7eea870d41bae155c5dc485b791
Message x€Hello Friend ! Can you send me 1 BURST for ad message, i buy BURST and i will return you 2 BURST in 2 days. Many thanks!